Realtek 8169 PCI, 8168 and 8101E PCIe Ethernet Network Card Driver for Windows Vista

Realtek 8169 PCI, 8168 and 8101E PCIe Ethernet Network Card Driver for Windows Vista 1.0 is the program for the drivers already installed in the Sony VAIO VGN-CR260A notebook model.

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  • JNBridge JMS Adapter for .NET

    The JNBridge JMS Adapter for .NET provides seamless integration of JMS (Java Message Service) capabilities into Microsoft .

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  • DH Driver Cleaner.NET

    DH Driver Cleaner Net provides solution to the driver related problems that develop due to various devices being installed from the system by prolonged usage.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Driver Cleaner.NET

    Driver Cleaner.NET is a simple, handy and reliable solution to easily clean and remove parts of drivers that are left over after uninstalling the old drivers.

    License: CommercialDownload

  • Microsoft BizTalk Adapter for WSE

    With BizTalk Adapter for Web Services Enhancements (WSE), you can now build service-oriented architectures including secure Web services with plug-and-play end points, providing management with built-in scale-out capability and extensive system and business-level monitoring.

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  • Sitecom Wireless Network USB Adapter 54G WL-113

    Sitecom Wireless Network USB Adapter 54G WL-113. With the Wireless Network USB Adapter you can establish a connection with any 2.

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  • Fatek Ethernet Module Configuration tool

    Fatek Ethernet Module Configuration tool helps you configure Ethernet module. This software is a windows-based software and has following functions: Basic module Information setup - Includes IP (Network address), gateway, netmask, baud rate, operating mode, module name, module description.

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  • Cakewalk VST Adapter

    The Cakewalk VST Adapter 4.6 is a software tool for converting VST format plug-ins to the Direct X and DX formats enabling users to support and add more VST audio and instrument effects to their Cakewalk studio software or any Direct X compatible application.

    License: CommercialDownload

  • Sitecom Wireless Network USB Adapter Turbo G WL-172

    Sitecom Wireless Network USB Adapter Turbo G WL-172: Using the 54g Turbo USB Adapter you can connect your Notebook/PC to any Wireless home network, enabling you to share fi les and peripherals with other wireless PC's or Notebooks.

    License: UpdateDownload

  • SMCWPCIT-G 108Mbps Wireless PCI adapter

    SMCWPCIT-G 108Mbps Wireless PCI adapter: The EZ Connect g 802.11g 108Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter (SMCWPCIT-G) is another cutting edge introduction in 2.

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  • USB Over Ethernet

    To access the shared devices over Internet or local network there is no need to purchase additional hardware devices.

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  • SMC2635W 11Mbps Wireless Cardbus Adapter

    SMC2635W 11Mbps Wireless Cardbus Adapter:The SMC2635W is a 32-bit wireless CardBus adapter capable of transfer rates up to 11 Mbps, with auto-fallback to 5.

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  • KOYO Ethernet OPC Server

    KOYO Ethernet OPC Server supports all memory types of the Direct Logic 205 and 405 series PLCs via Ethernet H2-ECOM and H4-ECOM modules.

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  • EtherNet IP Capacity Tool

    The EtherNet/IP Capacity Tool (formerly called the EtherNet/IP Performance Prediction Tool) is intended to help you in the initial layout of your EtherNet/IP network by calculating resources (Connections, Packets Per Second) used by a proposed network.

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  • S7 Ethernet-MPI SuiteLink and DDE Server

    The Siemens S7 Ethernet/MPI Server is a Microsoft Windows application program that acts as a communication protocol Server and allows Windows application programs to access the data from Siemens S7-300 and S7-400 controllers using the Ethernet Gateway for MPI,providing interface between 10/100 Mbps Ethernet and Siemens MPI bus.

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  • AT&T Plug&Share 108Mbps Wireless Notebook Adapter

    AT&T Plug&Share 108Mbps Wireless Notebook Adapter : Each computer in your network needs an adapter to facilitate a connection to the Router, or central network hub.

    License: UpdateDownload

  • Vst To Rtas Adapter

    VST to RTAS Adapter seamlessly and transparently integrates your VST plug-ins in to Pro Tools, and offers full compatibility with the VST plug-in standard and Pro Tools 7.

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  • Figure Adapter

    Figure Adapter allows you easily create your scientific figures as well as automatically adapt all your figures for submission to Scientific Journals.

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  • Serial Port Adapter Toolbox

    Toolbox for the connectBlue Serial Port Adapter™ models.

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  • 802.11g USB adapter

    The Westell Wireless 802.11g USB adapter allows you to connect your laptop computer to a wireless Local Area Network (LAN).

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  • Serial to Ethernet Connector

    Serial to Ethernet Connector is a solution that will easily let you share up to 500 serial port devices over network (Internet or LAN).

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  • ZyAIR G-200 Wireless LAN USB Adapter

    ZyAIR G-200 Wireless LAN USB Adapter: Features: Adapter for USB 2.0-compliant laptop and desktop. Data rate of up to 54Mbps, five times faster than 802.

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