BibleMax Afrikaans Bible

Afrikaans is an Indo-European language derived from Dutch, spoken in several African countries, mainly Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, where it is one of the official languages, along with English and nine other, local languages.

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Bible Seeker

Reading Bible gives user peace and makes him feel pious. But at same time, it sometimes becomes difficult for users to understand different aspects and language of great Bible.

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PocketBible Easton's Bible Dictionary (EBD)

The software version of the Easton’s Bible dictionary (EBD) is for using it with the Pocket Bible for Windows.

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  • Bible Explorer Premium

    Program Features Mouse over Magic - You're going to love this. In Bible Explorer, whenever your cursor is over a Scripture reference (whether in the text of a book or an index), the entire verse or passage will pop up for you to see.

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  • PocketBible Manna Bible Maps (MBM)

    Bible Maps, add-on product to the Pocket Bible program, has 13 Bible maps which covers almost all major places in Bible.

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  • Pradis: NIV Study Bible Fully Revised

    The Pradis:NIV Study Bible Fully Revised 5.1 is an electronic software library program of Bible Study resources including the Zondervan NIV Study Bible which includes a search engine for easier Bible study assistance for users.

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  • PocketBible NIV Study Bible Notes (NIVSBN)

    PocketBible NIV Study Bible Notes (NIVSBN) 1.0 is an add-on for PocketBible which includes complete NIV Bible text with cross-references and book introductions plus NIV Study Bible Notes.

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  • PocketBible Life Application Study Bible Notes (LAB)

    Life Application Study Bible Notes (LAB) is an add-on product to the pocket Bible and it gives you over 10,000 in-depth notes which will surely help you to connect the truth of Scripture to your life.

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  • BibleMax SpanishSEV Bible

    The Spanish version of the Bible was made by Casiodoro de Reina, a Spanish Protestant cleric. He created his version translating the Bible directly from Hebrew and Greek texts, thus it is considered one of the most faithful renderings of the Bible in the Spanish language.

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  • BibleMax SpanishRSV Bible

    The Reina-Valera Spanish version of the Bible is a true classic among Spanish-speaking Christian scholars, clerics and Church members.

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  • Lightning Study Bible

    The HeavenWord Lightning Study Bible is a brand new, 32bit platform for Bible study. This Starter Edition carries a value-packed, well-balanced collection of Bible study content.

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  • BibleMax Darby Bible

    BibleMax is free software that lets you read and study the Holy Bible in an easy and convenient manner.

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  • Holy Bible Concordance

    Holy Bible concordance is a software application that makes it easy to search the bible scriptures and cross reference with other bibles.

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  • Bible Analyzer

    Bible Analyzer is a free program for reading and studying the Bible. Unlike many other Biblical software, this one features an attractive and functional interface that lets you read any Bible book or chapter, consult one of the included dictionaries and commentaries, and write your own notes, all in the same, four-panelled window.

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  • Bible Audio

    Bible Audio is a free program that lets you create audio files from Bible texts using Windows text-to-voice capabilities.

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  • BibleMax Geneva Study Bible

    The term "study Bible" refers to a version of the Scriptures which has been complemented with a vast amount of cross references, quotes, commentaries, notes, explanations and interpretations about difficult passages, synopses, and other materials for scholars as well as for the serious Bible reader.

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  • PocketBible World English Bible (WEB)

    The PocketBible World English Bible (WEB) 1.0 is a ebook software plug-in program for the PocketBible for Windows library platform developed to make Bible study easier.

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  • Teen Bible Browser

    It was created forTeens who just want a simple, easy to use program with big text and big buttons. A cool Bible tool for Teens.

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  • Digital Catholic Bible

    At the moment, you can find almost any book in a digital format from dictionaries and religious books to educational manuals and even coloring books.

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  • BibleMax FrenchDarby Bible

    John Nelson Darby, an influential Anglo-Irish evangelist, was born in London in 1800 and died in 1882.

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  • Tamil Unicode Bible for e-Sword Bible Software

    This Tamil Bible module for e-Sword Bible Software is completely free of cost. You can download it freely and you can redistribute freely.

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  • Bongo Loves the Bible

    Bongo Loves the Bible is a collection of 3D style computer GAMES for ages 7 and up featuring an orangutan named Bongo who your students navigate through jungles, canyons and caves learning and testing their Bible knowledge.

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  • Bible Explorer Nave's Topical Bible

    Bible Explorer is software for reading and studying the Bible. Formerly, it was a paid-based program, but now is offered for free.

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  • PocketBible Amplified Bible (AMP)

    The PocketBible Amplified Bible (AMP) 1.0 is a software plug-in program for the PocketBible for Windows application suite that helps to make studies easier by providing an easy organizer and library for those studying the Holy Bible to keep their collections of Bibles, books, and study papers and notes, together.

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