TrustPort Antivirus

TrustPort Antivirus is a modern antivirus program that has been designed for the protection of Windows work stations and can successfully eliminate all kinds of infections.

Download License:Shareware

Portable Antivirus Beta

Portable Antivirus is a small virus removal utility. It not only can detect and remove viruses but it can also find Worms, Trojans, ad-wares, Mal-wares and Spy-wares form your computer and/or from removable drives.

Download License:Freeware

F-PROT Antivirus for Windows

F-PROT Antivirus for Windows, built on the award-winning F-PROT Antivirus scanning engine, is one of the most advanced antivirus software applications on the market today.

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  • Swift AntiVirus

    Free and easy to use antivirus application Swift AntiVirus offers comprehensive protection against viruses, worms, Trojans and dialers.

    License: Download

  • K7 AntiVirus

    K7 Antivirus offers enhanced PC security with the fastest antivirus scanner and spyware protection software to detect harmful malicious threats, when connected to the internet.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • ERNT System Antivirus

    ERNT System Antivirus 2010 ERNT System Antivirus 2010 provides excellent protection for personal computers and corporate systems running Microsoft Windows.

    License: CommercialDownload

  • eTrust EZ Antivirus

    Etrust EZ Antivirus is a powerful antivirus to keep your computer safe and the virus away. Etrust EZ Antivirus offers every function needed for a perfect antivirus software like mail protection, real time scanning (auto scan when a new file or object is downloaded or copied from any external media source like cd or pen drives).

    License: SharewareDownload

  • MultiCore AntiVirus & AntiSpyware

    A new unique MultiCore AntiVirus & AntiSpyware product reliably defends PC against computer malware and on-line threats at unsurpassed, highest security levels.

    License: Download

  • Principal AntiVirus

    Principal AntiVirus is powerful antivirus software which protects your Windows computer against a large range of threats including viruses, worms, trojans, backdoors, adware, spyware and other malware.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Solo Antivirus

    Solo Antivirus product is the most effective and fastest antivirus software available in the market today.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Command AntiVirus

    Automated AntiVirus software for home PC's and Corporate networks. COMMAND has little or no affect on resources and speed so your network or Home PC will not slow down.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Steganos AntiVirus 2009

    Computer viruses are everywhere and everybody needs a good and secure anti-virus software to protect a computer from various malware.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Comodo AntiVirus

    Free Comodo AntiVirus ? Eliminates all known viruses, worms and trojans from desktops and networks. Comodo AntiVirus - Eliminates all known viruses, worms and trojans from Windows computers.

    License: Download

  • ClamWin Free Antivirus

    ClamWin Free Antivirus 0.9 is a set of tools GPL anti-virus for Microsoft Windows. This antivirus is based in Clam Antivirus for UNIX.

    License: Open sourceDownload

  • Abacre Antivirus

    Abacre Antivirus is a one of the new generation of antivirus programs. This antivirus protects against internet viruses, worms and Trojans via email and local networks.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Antivirus Defender

    AntiVirus Defender offers comprehensive protection against viruses, worms, Trojans and dialers. It checks and protects all the relevant system areas of your computer.

    License: FreewareDownload

  • Stocona Antivirus

    This intellectual antiviral application suite guarantees real protection from any macro program beetles and script viruses contained in Microsoft Office documents, MS Outlook or MS Outlook Express email messages, as well as contained on the Internet pages while browsing them with Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

    License: FreewareDownload

  • Auslogics Antivirus

    Auslogics Antivirus is a complex security solution for Windows operating systems, covering antivirus, privacy controls, and web security.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Avira Free Antivirus

    Avira Free Antivirus is an entry-level antivirus that eliminates many forms of malware, including worms, rootkits and costly dealers.

    License: FreewareDownload

  • UnThreat Free AntiVirus Installer

    UnThreat Free AntiVirus 2012 is a free antivirus software solution from AVSoftware. It uses the popular, well-received VIPRE antivirus engine, and offers basic protection from viruses, Trojans, rootkits, malware, adware, and other threats, including e-mail protection and antispyware protection.

    License: FreewareDownload

  • USB Drive AntiVirus

    USB Drive AntiVirus is a useful and reliable tool which helps prevent data leakage via USB removable devices USB Drive Antivirus uses innovative technology to block any threats via USB drive,any USB drives inserted into computer, USB Drive Antivirus will automatically scan it and remove threats.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Panda Antivirus + Firewall 2007

    The new Panda Antivirus + Firewall 2007 provides maximum, automatic and permanent protection against all types of viruses, spyware and hackers.

    License: Download

  • avast! Pro Antivirus

    Customize Your Security for Your Needs! Tailor your antivirus software the way that best fits your personal computing habits.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • BitDefender Antivirus Plus Ultra PRO Edition

    As its name indicates, BitDefender Antivirus 2009, is an antivirus tool to help you being safe while using your computer, specially while surfing the web.

    License: CommercialDownload