Etymonix MPEG-2 Video Codec

The Etymonix MPEG-2 I-frame Video Codec for Win95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP is a software-only video compressor/decompressor based on the standard Video for Windows (VfW) architecture.

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Bytescout Lossless Video Codec

Bytescout Lossless Video Codec is the free (for non-commercial use) the lossless video compression and decompression video codec for Windows and Windows x64 Free high quality lossless video codec.

Download License:Freeware

VP8 Video For Windows codec

This is a video for windows (VFW) driver of the Google VP8 codec. The VP8 codec encodes with same or higher quality than most H.

Download License:Freeware

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  • XviD Video Codec

    Xvid is a video codec for PC, whereas codec is an abbreviation for [co]der/[dec]oder, hence describes a program to encode and decode digital video.

    License: FreewareDownload

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