CoDeSys Gateway Server

As a stand-alone Win32 application the Gateway Server functions as a data server. This data server is responsible for the communication between the programing system CoDeSys and the PLCs equipped with the runtime system CoDeSys SP.

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XSoft-CoDeSys SP2

All xSystem controllers of Eaton Automation are programmed with XSoft-CoDeSys-2. XSoft-CoDeSys-2 is based on standard CoDeSys software from 3S.

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CoDeSys is a device-independent PLC-programming system. Matching the IEC 61131-3 standard it supports all standard programming languages but also allows including C-routines and supports object orientated programming.

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  • CoDeSys OPC-Server

    OPC1 is a standardised interface giving access to process data. It is based on the Microsoft standard COM/DCOM2 and was extended to meet the needs of data access in the automation process where it is mostly used to read and write data from the controller.

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