Project IGI

Audio Catalog searches for music files stored on your computer and then organizes them in a catalog.

Download License:Shareware

Shareaza Acceleration Tool

Your Shareaza downloads will be significantly faster if you let Shareaza Acceleration Tool manage the network traffic.

Download License:Freeware

uTorrent Acceleration Tool

uTorrent is a very popular P2P application that is used by millions of people worldwide to share their files.

Download License:Shareware

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  • LimeWire Acceleration Tool

    LimeWire Acceleration Tool is low level network acceleration software for LimeWire P2P program. Your LimeWire downloads will be up to three times faster.

    License: FreewareDownload

  • BitTorrent Acceleration Tool

    BitTorrent Acceleration Tool will help you increase the speed of your BitTorrent downloads. The accelerator will position itself between your BitTorrent program and the internet and will act as a low level network traffic manager.

    License: FreewareDownload

  • 3rd Space Game Driver

    The 3RD Space Game Driver is the software you need to add vest effects to your gameplay. It runs on your PC while you play.

    License: FreewareDownload

  • BitTorrent Acceleration Patch

    BitTorrent Acceleration Patch is an innovative plug-in for BitTorrent. The architecture of the program is designed to allow you downloads of MP3s, movies and other desired files at the highest speed.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • eMule Acceleration Tool

    eMule Acceleration Tool is an internet traffic acceleration tool customized for eMule. One of the most popular p2p programs will be now faster through the usage of this accelerator.

    License: FreewareDownload

  • FrostWire Acceleration Tool

    FrostWire Acceleration Tool is a powerful accelerator and is coming with a nice and simple user interface.

    License: FreewareDownload

  • LimeWire Acceleration Patch

    LimeWire Acceleration Patch application tries to rectify problems like slow downloads, disconnections and traffic congestion.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • BitComet Acceleration Patch

    BitComet Acceleration Patch is an effective plug-in for BitComet P2P. The program includes most modern technology that is used to increase speed of BitComet downloads.

    License: Download

  • eDonkey Acceleration Patch

    eDonkey Acceleration Patch is a powerful accelerator designed to speed up your eDonkey file sharing program performance.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Kazaa Acceleration Patch

    Kazaa Acceleration Patch (KZAP) is a powerful add-on tool intended to increase the speed of your Kazaa.

    License: FreewareDownload

  • Vuze Acceleration Tool

    Vuze Acceleration Tool is a small-size p2p software created to enable fast downloads of large size files via file sharing networks with the help of Vuze p2p client.

    License: DemoDownload

  • Gmax Mirage F1 Package FSX SP1 SP2 Acceleration

    Gmax Mirage F1 Package FSX SP1 SP2 Acceleration is a free mod for Flight Simulator X. It contains a very nice and powerful aircraft , with a very complex and interesting virtual cockpit for day and night combat.

    License: FreewareDownload

  • BearFlix Acceleration Tool

    BearFlix Acceleration Tool will speed up your BearFlix video downloads.If you are using BearFlix, just download this accelerator and let it work for you.

    License: FreewareDownload

  • Azureus Acceleration Tool

    With Azureus Acceleration Tool you can obtain a considerable speed improvement for your Azureus downloads.

    License: FreewareDownload

  • BitComet Acceleration Tool

    BitComet Acceleration Tool is a useful program to increase your BitComet downloads. Already popular for the BitComet users, proved a real speed increase for downloads initiated with BitComet.

    License: FreewareDownload

  • Driver Access

    Driver Access is optimized to quickly find the most current drivers specific to your computer devices, its user friendly interface and access to an extensive database of over 10 million drivers.

    License: FreewareDownload

  • Broadcom Driver Updates Scanner

    Broadcom Driver Updates Scanner can help relieve you of worries about installing an incorrect or out-of-date driver for your laptop.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • ATI Driver Updates Scanner

    ATI Driver Updates Scanner can help relieve you of worries about installing an incorrect or out-of-date driver for your laptop.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Driver Commander

    Driver Commander is a powerful driver manager for Windows that can back up, restore and update your drivers with just a few clicks.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Driver Genius Professional Edition

    Driver Genius improves PC performance with the powerful driver manager for Windows that backs up, restores, and updates your device drivers automatically!

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Driver Robot

    Driver Robot is a powerful shareware utility that has been designed to help us update all our drivers in one go.

    License: SharewareDownload