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Unlock your Nokia mobile phone instantly, automatically and for free. Use a large database of pictures with instructions.

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DCT helps reduce total cost of ownership by assisting in the identification of existing configuration problems..

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DCT Oracle ERP Software

DCT Oracle ERP Software will provide users with access to all the power and functionality of the market-leading Enterprise Resource Planning solutions without the heavy investment usually required to acquire these solutions.

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  • DCT PasswordMaker

    Password Maker by data conversion tools(DCT) - make random passwords with Password Maker. Password Maker will make random passwords for you.

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  • VMware Tools

    VMware Tools 3.1 is a tools package for VMWare Workstation. It greatly enhances the virtual machine experience by improving many aspects of its functionality.

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  • Shell Tools

    Shell Tools is a collection of very useful and unique tools that integrate into your Windows right-click menu and speed up your work amazingly.

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  • Developer Tools for UPnP Technologies

    The Developer Tools for UPnP™ Technologies is a set of development and reference tools for creating software that is compatible with the UPnP specifications.

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  • DAEMON Tools Pro Agent

    DAEMON Tools Pro Agent 4.1 is the taskbar icon agent for DAEMON Tools pro 4.1.

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  • PC Tools Disk Suite

    PC Tools Disk Suite 1.0 is a set of tools to manage and improve the performance of the Hard Disk Drives.

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  • Eluent Tools

    Eluent Tools is a collection of file and folder tools for Windows. The tools include Eluent Replace, a GUI-based, interactive, multi-pattern, multi-file search and replace program that uses Perl regular expressions and supports Perl scripting; Eluent Find, a file contents searcher and viewer that supports a variety of regular expression dialects, including Perl; Eluent Attrib, a program which modifies file and folder attributes, including the Compressed and Encrypted attributes under Windows NT/2000/XP; Eluent Dir, a flexible file finder based on Path Plans, the common method for specifying file searches in Eluent Tools; Eluent EOL, a program for converting text files between DOS/Windows, Macintosh, and Unix formats; Eluent Tab, a program for converting tabs to spaces and vice versa in text files; and Eluent Touch, a program for modifying file and folder timestamps.

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  • PC TuneUp Tools 2012

    PC Tuneup Tools is an advanced and comprehensive suite of utilities that promises to make your computer run faster by scanning and identifying critical errors in different system areas.

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  • ODM Tools

    The ODM Tools application was created to allow administrators and users of ODM to visualize, manage, manipulate, edit, and export data that have been imported to their local instance of the ODM.

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  • LMD-Tools Special Edition (Delphi 6)

    LMD-Tools Special Edition was completely redesigned in release 8. In previous releases SE packages used a slightly different codebase.

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  • Mobile Phone Tools

    Use Mobile Phone Tools with your laptop to create a complete mobile office. Install it on your laptop and synchronize your PC and your cell phone.

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  • Quick PDF Tools

    Quick PDF Tools is a free application that incorporates a wide set of handy tools and provides you with an easy and fast way to manage your PDF files.

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  • Desktop Central - Free Windows Tools

    Desktop Central - Free Windows Tools 2 Desktop Central provides a set of free Windows tools that Windows Administrators might require on a day-to-day basis.

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  • Pro Tools LE

    Pro Tools LE systems offer everything you need to create and produce music with professional results.

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  • Engineering Power Tools - Plus Edition

    As you could guess from its name, Engineering Power Tools is an engineers’ oriented application.

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  • Windows XP Tools

    Windows XP Tools helps keep your computer running at top efficiency and speed with powerful tools to optimize system performance and diagnose, repair and prevent PC problems and crashes.

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  • Windows Phone Power Tools

    The Windows Phone Power Tools are a natural extension to the developer tools that come with the Windows Phone SDK.

    License: Open sourceDownload

  • Simple Internet Tools

    Simple Internet Tools is a set of tools conceived to help network administration on windows systems.

    License: FreewareDownload

  • Engineering Power Tools -

    Engineering Power Tools is a library of engineering programs that can be used to quickly solve a wide range of commonly encountered engineering problems.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Creative Element Power Tools

    Creative Element Power Tools is a suite of tools and settings for Windows. Some of the tools are stand-alone programs, some run invisibly in the background, while others appear merely as extensions to Windows.

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  • IAQ Tools

    Use IAQ Tools to solve "sick building" problems. IAQ Tools solves problems concerning a wide variety of airborne contaminants, ventilation design, filter design and selection, design for contaminant source control, tracer gas calculations, air quality unit conversions, and many others.

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