BibleMax Latin Bible

BibleMax is freeware allowing you to read and study the Holy Bible in your computer's screen using modern technologies.

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Ace Bible

With Ace Bible Explorer you can explore more than a 40 Bibles and commentaries with special Bible research tools, including dictionaries, thesauri, guides, queries, topic organizers, verse-by-verse comparing, a red-letter highlighter, a personal verse note taker, and planners.

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Hebrew Interlinear Bible

Being one of the most studied and analyzed books in human history, the Bible has been translated into almost any language.

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  • Latin Bible

    In the year 382, Pope Damasus I commissioned his personal assistant, Jerome, who later became a Saint and Doctor of the Church, to translate the Bible from the original Greek and Old Latin texts to Sermo Vulgaris, or common Latin, as opposed to Classic Latin, the language used by most of the authors of the time.

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  • NET Bible First Edition

    The NET Bible is a completely new translation of the Bible with 60,932 translators’ notes! It was completed by more than 25 scholars – experts in the original biblical languages – who worked directly from the best currently available Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts.

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  • BibleMax Bishops Bible 1568

    BibleMax, a program known for its versatility and usefulness, has included among its free downloadable additional modules, several Bibl versions and Christian texts of great historic interest.

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  • The Scroll, Bible Topics

    An educational and fun program for the entire family. Included are all 78 Bible topics with 175,000 words written especially for The Scroll, Multimedia Study Bible!

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  • BibleMax Basic English Bible

    The BibleMax software is a source of information and you can find out or look up whatever you want to from the Bible.

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  • iLumina Bible

    The World’s first digitally animated Bible and encyclopedia suite! With iLumina, you don't just read the Bible, you live it!

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  • BibleMax HebGrk Bible

    BibleMax is free software for reading and searching the Holy Bible. The core program contains the King James Version of the Scriptures, but you can add many other files for enhancing the basic software, including commentaries by authoritative scholars, devotionals, notes by respected authors, and, above all, many different versions of the Bible in many languages.

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  • Bible Reading Plan Generator

    Ever wanted to read the whole Bible, but didn't know how to start? Being such a vast text, the Bible is one of the most difficult books to complete.

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  • Basic English Bible

    In many of the English translations of the Bible is used a very old-fashioned style and language, thus making it almost inaccessible to many people.

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  • BibleMax YLT Bible

    Young's Literal Translation, best known as YLT, is an English translation of the Bible made by Robert Young, a Scottish 19th century publisher with a deep knowledge of anicent languages.

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  • BibleMax Afrikaans Bible

    Afrikaans is an Indo-European language derived from Dutch, spoken in several African countries, mainly Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, where it is one of the official languages, along with English and nine other, local languages.

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  • Bible Scenes Screen Saver

    Bring the power of enjoying scriptures back into your everyday life. Turn the normal "down time" of your computer into a slideshow of inspiration!

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  • BibleMax Cebuano Bible

    Cebuano or Sungboanon is a language spoken in some parts of Philippines. This BibleMax free module features the Holy Bible's text translated to that language.

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  • EZ Bible Search

    EZ Bible Search is freeware for reading, studying and searching words or phrases in the Holy Bible. It features a built-in version of the Bible (King James version), so you don't have to download any additional module, unlike other Biblical programs.

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  • BibleMax Weymouth Bible

    The Weymouth Bible, also known as The New Testament in Modern Speech or as The Modern Speech New Testament, is a 19th Century translation of the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, Epistles and Revelation, made by Richard Francis Weymouth, an English Bible scholar.

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  • BibleMax Geneva Bible 1587

    During the ruling of Mary I of England, Protestant people were persecuted and the Bible was forbidden.

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  • Comforting Bible Verse Screensaver

    Comforting Bible Verse Screensaver is a nice screensaver that shows images with verses from the Bible.

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  • Bible Grand Slam

    Bible Grand Slam is a computer game that plays just like Bible Baseball. Players "step up to the plate" on screen and select a single/double/triple or homerun question to answer.

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  • BibleMax SpanishRV Bible

    The first Spanish translation of the Bible using the original Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic source texts was made in the 16th century by Casiodoro de Reina and published in Northern Europe during the Reformation.

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  • Prayers from the Bible

    Prayers from the Bible is a great program for anyone who wants to study the Bible in more detail. With this program you can study the prayers of the Bible and also have an easy way to memorize your favorite prayers.

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  • PocketBible New Bible Commentary (NBC)

    This readable and accessible volume brings together many of the finest scholars of our day to This readable and accessible volume brings together many of the finest scholars of our day to meet the needs of students, teachers and Bible readers.

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