Mozilla Firefox Password Recovery

It can recover passwords from Firefox secret store even when it is protected with master password. In such case user have to enter the correct master password to successfully decrypt the sign-on passwords.

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When it comes to browsing, one size doesn’t fit all – customize Firefox pretty much any way you like.

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QuickMem Greek

QuickMem Greek has been used by thousands of people worldwide over the last fifteen years.

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  • BibleMax Vamvas Modern Greek Bible

    Although the New Testament books were writen almost entirely in Greek, a contemporary Greek version of the Bible, including both the Old and the New Testaments, didn't exist until Neofitos Vamvas, an important Greek linguist who made his translation with aid of a team of scholars.

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  • Greek New Testament

    The first accounts of the life and death of Jesus were transmitted orally during the first years of Christendom.

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  • Greek Sketches Free Screensaver

    Greek Sketches Free Screensaver is a nice screensaver which shows beautiful images of Greece. The images show the best Greece has to offer, including ruins, beaches, monuments, and traditional white houses, to name but a few.

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  • MAGENTA - French-Greek & Greek-French Dictionary

    The French-Greek & Greek-French dictionary helps you translate words, phrases, and idioms from and into French.

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  • Greek Wars

    Greek Wars includes an enhanced computer A.I. that plays an aggressive strategy against the gamer.

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  • Modern Greek II

    Five TrueType® and Type-1 fonts in plain, bold, italic, and bold-italic styles: Times®-style Odyssea II, Payne II, Hellenica II, and GraecaUBS II; and Helvetica®-style GreekSansMod, all with the modern Greek keyboard layout.

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  • Greek Pizza House Restaurant Toolbar

    Greek Pizza House Restaurant Toolbar is a great browser tool if you want to have access to the freshest information, announcements, news and useful links from Greek Pizza House Restaurant Community.

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  • BibleMax Thayer's Greek Definitions

    Joseph Henry Thayer (1828-1901) was an important American Bible scholar whose most significant work is arguably his Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament.

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  • Excel Convert Files From English To Greek and Greek To English

    This software program can convert MS Excel files from English to Greek and vice versa. It is really easy to use and install with a friendly interface.

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  • BibleMax Greek Old Testament (Septuagint)

    According to tradition, between the 3th. and 1st. century BC, a group of seventy Hebrew scholars translated the Torah, or Old Testament, to the Greek language under the reign of Ptolemy Philadelphus.

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  • BibleMax Greek New Testament

    It is a well-documented fact that the oldest versions of the New Testament were written in Greek. Before that, the life and words of Jesus Christ were transmitted orally from one Apostle to his successor.

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  • Google Greek Input

    Google Transliteration greek IME is an input method editor which allows users to enter text in greek using a roman keyboard.

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  • TransHunter English VS Greek

    TransHunter hunts different translations from English to Greek or vice versa. The program interface contains 2 fields so you can type the word you need translated in one and in the other the result will appear translated.

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  • GOLDEN VERSION English-Greek-English dictionary

    The most complete dictionary in terms of the number of entries as well as the features of Dictionaries Explorer, the software that comes with the dictionary.

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  • ProLingo English Greek Dictionary

    ProLingo English Greek Dictionary is a talking dictionary for Windows OS. This program includes slang words.

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  • Greek language for ABBYY FineReader Professional Edition

    Greek language for ABBYY FineReader Professional Edition enhances the product. This package will install additional language for your ABBYY product.

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  • Mozilla Embedded Browser

    Mozilla Embedded browser is an open sourceware internet browser i.e it carries the source code that can be modified as per user's requirements.

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  • Greek Goddesses of Solitaire

    Take on Hades himself in ten different action-packed Solitaire challenges. Endless hours of fun will bring you back again and again to the slopes of Mount Olympus.

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  • Serbian-Greek Dictionary

    Serbian-Greek Dictionary is a program that comes with 13128 entries of the most used words. It is a perfect word set to be installed either in your handheld's memory, or on the expansion card.

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  • Greek Old Testament (Septuagint)

    The Septuagint Bible, also known as the Bible of the LXX due to the fact that it was created by 70 scholars, is a common-greek translation of the Hebrew sacred texts which constitute the basis for the Old Testament in Christian Bibles.

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  • MAGENTA - English-Greek-English Dictionary for English Speakers

    Each information is displayed using different colours so that you can easily focus on what you are seeking for.

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