Monopoly Build-a-lot Edition

Monopoly Build-a-lot Edition. The housing market is booming again with MONOPOLY Build-a-lot Edition, an exciting new game that combines MONOPOLY, one of the most popular board games of all time, with the hit real estate game series Build-a-lot!

Download License:Commercial

Monopoly Twisted

Monopoly Twisted is the PC version of the classic monopoly with some new twists and different rules.

Download License:Shareware

Monopoly - SpongeBob SquarePants Edition

Monopoly - SpongeBob SquarePants Edition 3.1.0.

Download License:Commercial

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  • Monopoly Tycoon

    Monopoly Tycoon is a tycoon strategy game developed by Deep Red Studios. The game was originally released and published by Hasbro Interactive; however, when the company went under, many of its games were taken by other publishers.

    License: CommercialDownload

  • Monopoly Galactic Imperia

    This game is a real boon for those who like to play monopoly. Long-awaited continuation of a big business is finally realized.

    License: SharewareDownload


    MONOPOLY HERE AND NOW EDITION is a modern makeover of the popular board game, but includes prices and places which reflect today's market in a better way.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Space Monopoly

    Space Monopoly - choose existing or make new skins and play monopoly in your own world. Free trial version.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Monopoly by Parker Brothers

    Monopoly is an exciting board game which features changes and additions in the gameplay. The basic rules remain unchanged but it includes great new features that make this game absolutely enjoyable and addictive.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Monopoly Junior

    In the beginning this was a little frustrating. Monopoly Junior gives you the opportunity to introduce this great board game to your young kids, on a level that means they can have all the fun from the start.

    License: CommercialDownload

  • Monopoly City

    MONOPOLY City:Be the top property developer and watch your dream city rise before your eyes.Build homes, industrial complexes, schools and skyscrapers.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Monopoly From Hasbro

    Love to splash the cash? Indulge in a property shopping spree with the classic version of MONOPOLY! Buy streets, houses and hotels and become a respected real-estate mogul.

    License: CommercialDownload

  • Multiplayer Monopoly Online Game

    Pretty basic, but nice game. Has online game lobbies, chat in the lobby and in the game. Games are 2 to 6 players, original US board layout.

    License: Open sourceDownload

  • Star monopoly

    If you feel yourself a genius of stockbroking, if you can't imagine yourself out of open trade and stock-exchange deal, if you sleep and dream about vast scale machination and stock market game but can't make it real - this game was made to make you happy.

    License: FreewareDownload

  • KORG Legacy Collection - MonoPoly

    Originally part of the Korg Legacy Collection: Analog Edition 2007; the Mono/Poly is now available individually.

    License: CommercialDownload

  • Auto Traffic Monopoly

    This genuine software is capable of generating lots of money without you spending more than 15 minutes per day in front of your computer.

    License: CommercialDownload

  • ELTIMA Serial Splitter

    Eltima Serial Splitter establishes serial connection and implements data transmission between COM-ports and applications, or any kind of serial port devices.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Virtual Serial Port Control

    Virtual Serial Port Control is powerful component which makes it possible to create virtual serial ports and control them fully.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Serial Key Manager

    Serial Key Manager 1.8 is an information manager for Windows. This application allows you to store with it your serial key numbers, in order to keep them safely.

    License: FreewareDownload

  • Serial Key Generator

    Serial Key Generator is application specially designed to help you protect your applications by serial key registration.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • HHD Software Free Serial Port Monitor

    HHD Software Serial Port Monitoring Control is a powerful and yet easy to use library which provides the monitoring functionality for your code.

    License: FreewareDownload

  • Network Serial Port Kit

    Program creates up to 254 virtual serial ports at a time. Physical COM ports located on remote computer can be connected to host computer over the network as well.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Disk Serial Number Changer

    Disk Volume Serial Number Changer is a program that can change the serial number of any hard drive. It will NOT change the physical serial of your hard disk, just the internal number that the operating system applies to it.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Serial Port ActiveX Control

    Serial Port ActiveX Control is a powerful and versatile ActiveX component that lets you control serial ports, manage them and track their activity.

    License: SharewareDownload

  • Free Serial Port Monitor

    Free software serial port monitor, Com Rs232 sniffer with communication packet data analyzer. This monitoring utility can spy, capture, view, analyze, test com ports activity performing com port connection and traffic analysis with data acquisition and control.

    License: Download