Privacy policy takes your privacy seriously. We work to ensure your private information is well protected on our site. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your privacy while using our site. We read every message we receive and want you to be 100% satisfied when using our website. Your privacy is our top priority.

Why Does Down Focus Collect Personal Information?

We don’t collect personal information such as your address, name, email, or your phone number without your knowledge. We work to protect your privacy and your information is safe with our website. We only collect information when it is licensed to us or when someone orders.

How Do You Use the information?

We will provide you with new lists of software. This can be daily, weekly or at another time. You can remove your email from our database at any time so you don’t get emails.

After you submit software to our library we offer the product information and other information to our users. Your email address isn’t listed on the webpage and won’t be sent with daily digests due to spam issues. We still need your address because we forward complaints, messages and other information from users of your software to that address.

On occasion we may contact you about upload problems and if you wish you can easily remove your software from our library by email. We may need to contact you about upload problems, etc. You could easily remove your software and information from our library via email.

When you make a purchase from us we need other information form you but this information IS NOT sold to any third parties. This is only used for registration and for the Free Upgrade you’ll receive via your email. Your email is only used to send messages to you and isn’t given to anyone else. Please contact us is you have any questions or concerns about our services at Down Focus. []