THERMO-PROP database contains intrinsic results of research works and endeavours that were undertaken by experimentalists, physicists and metallurgists (i.

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Thermo-Calc is a powerful software package used to perform thermodynamic and phase diagram calculations for multi-component systems of practical importance.

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SciLab CAPE-OPEN Thermo Import

This SciLab package allows for importing CAPE-OPEN thermodynamic and physical Property Packages into SciLab.

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  • Thermo QuanLab Forms

    Thermo Scientific QuanLab Forms Software is a user-friendly chromatography analysis software package that provides automated processing and smart reporting for quantitative analysis.

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  • Webasto Thermo Test

    Webasto Thermo Test is a diagnostic program for Webasto heaters. The program supports almost all heaters that have a diagnostic capability.

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  • MatLab CAPE-OPEN Thermo Import

    This Matlab package allows for importing CAPE-OPEN version 1.1 thermodynamic and physical Property Packages into Matlab.

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  • Thermo Utilities for PC MATLAB

    Thermo Utilities is a software package developed for engineers and scientists who wish to design, analyze or optimize power plants, air conditioning systems and other chemical processes.

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  • Thermo MSFileReader

    This version of MSFileReader is compatible with data files produced by Xcalibur 2.2 / Foundation 2.0, and is backward compatible with previous raw file versions as well.

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  • Scientific Word

    Scientific Word makes creating professional documents easy. With Scientific Word, you compose mathematical, scientific, and technical documents with the keyboard using natural mathematical notation.

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  • Scientific Viewer

    Use Scientific Viewer software to view and print your read-only .tex documents containing text, mathematics, and graphics, created with Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, or Scientific Notebook.

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  • Scientific WorkPlace

    Scientific WorkPlace 5.5 is a mathematical and scientific text editor. Using this program you will be able to create, edit and typeset this kind of text with ease.

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  • eCalc Scientific

    eCalc Scientific is a very advanced scientific calculator that offers you all the functions to suit your mathematical needs, from the most simple to the most sophisticated, such as trigonometric, logarithmic, and angular functions, fractions, unit conversions, and more.

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  • Scientific Notebook

    Scientific Notebook 5.50.0.

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  • Scientific WorkPlace Student Edition

    Scientific WorkPlace: the integration of LaTeX Typesetting and Computer Algebra. With Scientific WorkPlace Version 5.

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  • DreamCalc Scientific Calculator

    DreamCalc is a virtual Scientific Calculator. You get the intuitive feel of using a real hand-held calculator on your PC or laptop!

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  • Scientific Advantage for Pocket PCs

    Scientific Advantage™ is Unit Aware™, lets you work with feet-inch-fraction dimensional values, includes advanced math functions and automatic solvers, and much more.

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  • Y2 Scientific Calculator

    Y2 Scientific Calculator is an easy to use software tool that allows you to calculate a series of complex operations using the friendly interface and large array of function buttons.

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  • Khi3 - Universal Scientific Calculator

    Khi3, developed by Joël Ollivier, is a multipurpose scientific calculator. Maybe the word “multi” is little to refer to the huge amount of different things you can do with this particular piece of software.

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  • DreamCalc Scientific Graphing Calculator

    DreamCalc is an Advanced Scientific and Graphing Calculator for Windows. It provides a fully featured and convenient alternative to using a separate hand-held graphing calculator when you are working on your PC.

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  • Scientific Calculator

    This is a scientific calculator program that is similar to the real calculator in life.

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  • Microsoft Project Trident - A Scientific Workflow Workbench

    Project Trident: A Scientific Workflow Workbench is a set of tools based on the Windows Workflow Foundation that addresses scientists’ need for a flexible, powerful way to analyze large, diverse datasets.

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  • Oregon Scientific Action Lab

    Oregon Scientific Action Lab is a tool that you can use to organize and preview your videos and images through a wide variety of video and image-editing tools.

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  • Freedom Scientific Video Intercept

    The video intercept is a driver designed for JAWS program, the world's most popular screen reader.

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  • Freedom Scientific JAWS

    JAWS offers comprehensive screen reading capability for Windows that includes extended product customization through powerful utility managers.

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